As many concern about Japan’s low birthrate, great numbers of discussions have been done on the matter. I believe that more need to be done to address Japan’s low birth rate. I have three reasons to support my idea.
First, the low birth rate have caused shrinking Japanese population, which brought Japanese domestic economy onto the bottom of recession. United Nations predicted Japanese population will decrease to about 80 million in 2100, and it means that Japanese domestic economy will continue to shrink until then. This should be changed.
Second, the low birth rate have made keeping labor force more difficult. As Japanese birth rate have fallen into low level, the population of the young, especially those suitable for workers, shrank rapidly. This should be changed.
Moreover, the low birth rate have brought about a problem into the nation’s social welfare. While Japanese birth rates are keeping low level, the percentage of the elder will rose to 35 percent in 2100, in accordance with the U.N. prediction. It means that at least one thirds of Japanese will rely on social welfare at that time. As the young, who should pay for the cost is continuously declining, Japan will go bankruptcy. This should be changed.
Therefore, I definitely believe that more need to be done to address Japan’s low birth rate. Ambitious and immediate action should be taken.

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