2016's Taiga drama, Sanada-maru starts

Taiga-drama is long-running historical drama series on NHK TV (weblio.com).

Sanada is one of the samurai clans in Japn.

They lived in Shinano, which is called Nagano prefecture currently, and served Takeda clan --- one of the most popular sengoku-daimyo based in Kai, which is called Yamanasi prefecture.

Sanada clan was neither large samurai clan nor powerful.

But each Sanada family member was very smart and courageous, and was very good at working out strategies at wars.

for example, Masayuki SANADA survived among very powerful samurai clans; Hojo caln in the east, Uesugi clan in the north, and Tokugawa clan (you should know Tokugawa shogunate!) in the south.

Especially, he defended his castle with his very small army from very large army of Tokugawa at the Battele of Sekigahara.

Masayuki played by Masao KUSAKARI, is directed as Hyo-Hyo person....

Hyo-Hyo person, say, somekind of chalracter aloof from the world, unconcerned, carefree, but who has something transcendental.

Sorry, I don't know how to explain any more><;

In the 1st story, Masayuki told in public that their calstle would be never fallen. But after one second, he told before his families that their castle must fall.

This is Hyo-hyo --- very cool, smart, but somehow perverse.

I love Masayumi at all.

By the way, the title "Sanada-maru" is said that has two means.

One is the fortress built in front of Osaka-castle before the Battle of Osaka in winter. it was very hard to atack, so Tokugawa army strugled to deal with it.

The other is a ship. In japanese, Maru is sometices added to the name of a ship.

The play writer Koki MITANI allegedly named it to mean that Sanada famiy menmbers boad a ship into rough ocean, which is called Sengoku battle age, and on the ship, they cooperate to suvive.

The tittle of the 1st story is "departure of a ship"

The departure is some how uneasy, but must be exciting one, I felt so.
I can never miss the track of the ship, the drama, Sanada-maru.


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