Shocking electric fense

It may be the most serious tragedy during this summer vacation.
An old man made a electric fence to prevent deer which killed 2 people and injured some.

In July 2015, 2 families walked on and played in a stream.
They are neighbors coming to Izu peninsula during their summer vacation.

Reportedly, one of their child accidentally touched the fence, and got shocked at first.
Then, the adults tried to help the child but unfortunately, they also got shocked one after another.
The child cut out a hand, and two adults were killed.

After research by police, the fence has no system to prevent an accident to occur, even no sign to make people keep off.
Usually, electric fence like that should have earth leaking breaker or timer to cut electricity and have some signs to make people aware of it.
And the fact making matters worse was that the man heighten the voltage from 100V to 400V.
I think many Japanese trembled because such a shocking fence had been placed roadside where ordinary people and vehicles go back and forth.

But it is not all of the tragedy.
The old man who made the electric fence suicided.
According to some articles posted on the web, the victimized families are his relations, and he had never expected that the fence would kill someone.
He was said to have deeply regretted making such an electric fence.

I hope that catastrophic tragedy like this never happen again.
However, many electric fence have been found to have some faults throughout Japan.

** Some information depend on my memory, so may differ from the truth.


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