Shigeru MIZUKI, “Yokai” monster’s comic writer dies

On 30th November, one of the most notable comic writer in Japan, Shigeru MIZUKI has died. After he was injured on 11th, he stayed in hospital and died of multiple organ failure earlier today.

He is known as the comic writer of “Ge Ge Ge no Kitarou”, ----- a comic of Yokai, Japanese monsters ----- and also he left many works about the experience of the WW2.

During WW2, he went to Rabaul, Papua New Guinea as a Imperial Japanese soldier. Although the situation was incredibly hard and most of his colleague had died, he survived under the heavy bombing of U.S.
Except for his left arm.

After returning Japan, he tried some businesses but anything was successful.
Just one thing he continued was painting.
He struggled to earn to support his family as a picture-story show writer or a comic writer.
After long poor life, he finally get a serialized work on “Shonem Magazine” ----- one of the most major comic magazines in Japan.

One of the most important part of his work is visualizing ancient monsters (Yokai) or modernizing the image of them.
He was inspired by the stories told by his old maid, NON NON BAA.

Some critique said he implied ironical message to the money-oriented businesses and people in Japan, behind the character in his work. The critique also said he was reminding Japanese the importance of respect for nature.

His works left a great inspiration on Japanese pop culture.
For instance, “Yokai watch” a video game and animation of Yokai-monsters is apparently inspired by Mizuki’s Kitarou or Yokai images.

I’m afraid I cannot describe how great his works are anymore because of my poor skills.
I express my best respect and condolences for Shigeru MIZUKI.

参考 yahoo news, news seven(NHK)


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JR西日本 19日からホームでの「自撮り棒」使用禁止

SELFEE abandaned on JR WEST’s platforms as of 19 SEP.

A ban on selfie stick

Selfie stick, some kind of extension stick for a smart phone or a camera, has been forbidden in stations of JR west.
Some passengers had been concerning they may be hit by photo-shooters using selfie stick on the platform.
And also, it is concerned to be electric shocked when people use selfie on platform.

In the same reason, rasing up something long --- fishing rod, ski and etc. ---has ben also abandaned.
But bringing them into platform is allowed as far as you keep them from electric wire.
These concerns made JR West take action to ban selfie stick and other equipment which may disrupt their operations.

From now on, if you want to take photo to keep your wonderful memory, please do it out side of the stations and confirm whether you interrupt others traffic.

Thank you.

by Gogakutan

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Japanese cuisine in autum --- Pacific saury

Some specific food sold in shops makes us find a season has come.
When Autum is about to come, Samma, Pacific saury should be the parfect example.

Samma, which is described as Autum sword-shaped fish in Kanji-chalacters, is very popular fish in Japan, thanks to its exellent taste, fatty meat and reasonable price.

Now, take a look at the way to cook Pacific saury in my kitchin.

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